Student Enrichment

Why is your support important? 

“In a study looking at gifted students who participated in talent development through competitions, the researchers reported a long-term impact on these students’ postsecondary achievements, with 52% of the 345 students who participated having earned doctoral degrees.” (

“A student not reading at his or her grade level by the end of the third grade is four times less likely to graduate high school on time–six times less likely for students from low-income families.” (

“States use reading proficiency scores in third grade to project how many prisons they’re going to need twenty years down the road.” (

“For Fiscal Year 2014, the average cost per year to house an inmate in the Massachusetts DOC was $53,040.87.” (

“Teaching quality has been defined as "instruction that enables a wide range of students to learn,” (Darling-Hammond, 2012), and it is the strongest school-related factor that can improve student learning and achievement.” (

Professional Development

Congratulations to our 2018 PEF Summer Teacher Grant Recipients!

  • John Monteverde- Attended the AATE 2018 National Conference in Minneapolis, MN
  • Lauren Davidson- Attended Unwrapping the Gifts: A Strength-Based Approach to ADHD Across the Life Span Conference in Cape Cod, MA
  • Susan Barnes- Attended the Just Words training in Oxford, MA
  • Rebecca Neet- Refined Math Lesson Plans for Implementation
  • Julie Swanson- Refined ELA Lesson Plans for Implementation
  • Susan Sauve- Certified Conversational Spanish course
  • Cynthia Grauman- Study of Phonemic Awareness to strengthen psycho-linguistic program



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