Programs and Testimonials

John Monteverde

”It’s so rare that educators like myself get to network with teachers in our same subject matter all over the country”

Rebecca Neet

“Working through PEF gave me the opportunity to dive deeper into the curriculum that I helped to develop. I am incredibly appreciative of their support in creating useful and rigorous materials”

Susan Sauve

“The PEF grant has motivated me to work on a lifelong goal. I would not have taken on such a challenging endeavor without the support from the Pittsfield Education Foundation”

Susan Barnes

“I would like to thank PEF for the amazing opportunity to attend the Wilson Reading Just Words training in Oxford, MA this summer! I was able to share successes, resources, and build a network of connections with other educators from all over. I am truly excited about this upcoming school year and look forward to the gains my students will achieve.”

Lauren Davidson

Attending the lecture on Variable Attention Stimulus Trait (VAST) not only changed my approach to the techniques I incorporate in my classroom but rather my outlook on all behaviors; a person is not their diagnosis, but rather a compilation of many challenging and empowering gifts. Without the generosity of the Pittsfield Education Foundation, this dream would have never come to fruition.